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The Brow Surgeon

Microblading: Semi- permanent makeup



What you need to know:

1. It won’t last as long as a traditional tattoo. There is no machine in this process so the pigment doesn’t go as deep. It’s a good thing because faces change over the years and so do styles so you will be glad to not be stuck with the same brows because forever is a long time. How long does it last then you ask? Tough question. For most people its anywhere from 1-3 years. Although there are outliers on both ends of the spectrum based on skin type, lifestyle etc. They will fade out naturally over time. To keep them fresh and dark get a touch up once a year.


2. It’s a two part process Your initial appointment + a touch up appointment 4-6 weeks later. This is important to understand for two reasons. One, if you are planning to travel out of town for your appointment you should know you’ll have to make two trips and plan for that. And two, they will fade, often considerable and unevenly, don’t freak out. That’s what the touch up is for. It’s also a good time to address any tweaks you want to your brow if something is off to you.

3. It looks more like hair than “filled brows” If you’ve grown accustomed to the look of your brows with makeup on them you may still want to fill them when you are getting all glammed up. Having the hair strokes there you will know exactly where to fill and it takes much less time when that part is taken care of (that goes for tweezing as well). 

 ​4. It is an art, find an artist you can trust. Knowing someone has been certified can only tell you that they understand how to do the technique. That doesn’t necessarily mean they have the skills to draw the perfect brown on your face! You have to be VERY careful when you pick your artist! Look at their work. Make sure to see it healed as well. If at all possible get a personal reference from someone you know, or even reach out to one of their clients on social media to hear their experience. Make sure they are licensed and working in a hygienic environment. 

 5. A few words tips on choosing your shape. Your artist will draw in the brow first so you can see EXACTLY how they will be shaped before she gets started on the permanent part! Once she draw them on make a few expressions and look at them from a few different angles. Even having her snap a photo of you from the side. A big mistake I see people making is just staring straight at the actual brows to make sure they look the exact same. Or expect your brows to match those of a celebrity or friend. You will drive yourself crazy if you obsess over this. Don’t just look at your brows independently, evaluate them as they relate to your face. When you look in the mirror are they flattering YOUR face? Do you like the way they accompany YOUR expressions? Do they fit YOUR personality? Do they bring out YOUR features and bone structure? Your face is unique, in fact each side of your face is unique and different so your brows can’t be cookie cutter, they have to fit you properly.


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